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When Henry was invited to have lunch with the president of his university, he was not planning to open up  about his depression with a bunch of strangers. But he did and it changed his life. Henry talks about how wellness encompases the entirety of a person, about the impact of social media and how sharing with others has changed the way he approaches his advocacy and his own mental health.


There are two sides to Asia. One side of her likes to be safe, the other likes to take risks. One wants to be good, the other wants to be a badass. This duality has led her on a journey from Colorado, to Malibu, to prison, to fighting wildfires, and ultimately to helping others. She tells us how she came to feel authentically like herself and what that means for her mental health.


The adults in Mike’s life used to tell him to toughen up because he was such a sensitive kid. While he knows they were just trying to help him, he also now understands that some of his sensitivity is due to mental health challenges. Mike shares how difficult access to mental health care has been for him. He is still in the midst of figuring everything out, but his network of friends, his love of history and music help him cultivate the gratitude he needs to get thru.

Kevin was a popular and happy teenager. But life took a turn in his first year of college when he developed a severe eating disorder, depression and anxiety. Today he is thriving and draws on his experiences in his work as a life coach. Kevin tells us about the importance of taking personal responsibility and the role of spirituality in his journey.

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When she was in college, Liz did not want to put her whole life on pause. But now she is glad she picked up the phone and took time for treatment, even though it felt so difficult. Liz speaks about sigma, how it’s easier to talk about sobriety than mental health and why she wanted to use an alias for the podcast. She explains the ups and downs of managing her bipolar, her relationship with medication, and how she was able to persevere in the face of terrible grief.

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When Jenny De Los Santos lost her vision in high school, her relationship with herself, her family and the world was different. Jenny has survived trauma, cyber bullying, depression, psychotic features, panic attacks and several suicide attempts. Despite everything, she has held onto her goal of helping others. In this episode, she speaks about how she was able to get the treatment she needed and how she has learned to turn these challenges into an opportunity to grow as a person.

Although the information covered is this podcast is weighty and deep, it is meant for informational purposes only. We are not professionals and no material contained in the show is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor, 911 or your local emergency number immediately.


I think the podcasts are excellent. I listened to Asia’s interview last night and it was so compelling that I just listened to it again. Her animated voice as she responded to Andrea’s insightful questions brought grit, depth and dimension to her story. I can only imagine how much preparation, time and energy is put into each recording. It really shows. The finished result is polished and professional, with a beautiful human touch. Best of all, I believe these will be inspirational and comforting to many young people who are in distress.

I 've listened to the podcast in its entirety. It was at times heartbreaking, really informative and very uplifting. I applaud “Liz” for her openness and bravery. She’s super relatable too. This is incredibly worthwhile and eye opening for the community

Thank you for lifting the veil and digging deep into the important and challenging world of mental health. Even the trailer has nuggets of information and inspiration: “You have made it through 100% of your bad days” and “Success is not about achievement, it’s about fulfillment.” Resilience is my word of the day.